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Tyrone Konecny

Tyrone Konecny President

Mr. Tyrone Konecny has been a successful salesman and relationship manager for 22 years in the lumber industry. His innate ability to foster relationships and bring mutually beneficial solutions to complex problems have made him an integral partner to several lumber enterprises. Mr. Konecny has always chosen his clients carefully, ensuring that both parties would maintain long and profitable relationships. In his core belief that 'A rising tide lifts all boats', he works to ensure clear lines of communication and understanding to ensure that standards of quality, efficiency and exemplary service are always maintained. In his newest endeavor, Utah Lumber Company, Mr. Konecny will build upon his past successes while looking for new opportunities to expand an ever widening horizon.

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Charity Isakson

Charity Isakson Senior Trader

Charity has been a part of the lumber industry since 2003. She has been a freight dispatcher as well as a lumber trader. Charity is an avid hiker. Her favorite way to spend her free time is camping with her husband and two daughters.

801-893-9900 Office
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801-814-4798 Cell

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Brenda Makela

Brenda Makela Controller/Trader Assistant

Brenda, a.k.a. Debbie, holds the title of Controller, which really means she is the one that keeps the lights on and makes sure the Traders are on task. Brenda started in the lumber business in the late '80s as a cashier in a retail lumber yard in Las Vegas, NV. She has held various positions such as sales, freight dispatcher, purchasing, inventory control, and accounting, in a couple of wholesale/distribution companies, in the almost 30 years of being in the lumber industry, before coming to Utah Lumber Company.

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Austin Tillotson

Austin Tillotson Trader

Austin is currently a senior attending Roy High School and set to graduate in 2021. He was hired on with Utah Lumber as part-time help going to school every other day. After he graduates, we plan to have him start full time as a rookie lumber trader (be nice!) Austin is a sharp student and has a very outgoing personality. He enjoys playing lacrosse and has a passion for custom cars.

801-893-9900 Office
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Max Heller

Max Heller Trader

Grew up and lived in Northern California until 2015. I spent alot of time outdoors, on the river or at the coast with family and friends. I moved to Bend almost 5yrs ago to begin my lumber trading career. I have built my business around supplying some of the largest pro yards and truss plants in the Intermountain region. I pride myself in my ability to source and sell dimension lumber, studs, and truss material over such a large area, and in multiple species. Im excited to get to continue in the industry and grow with Utah Lumber.

801-893-9900 Office
385-333-7993 Fax

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